That one guy

I once had a life where I was happy dreaming of my ideals. I met this guy 2 years ago. The first moment I saw him, I was drawn to him.

The way he smiled, the way he licked his lips before he talked, the way he laughed, the way he looked at people, the way he looked at me.

He didn’t have much to his name. But he was gentle, kind, interesting, intelligent but lets be honest here; he was just tall, dark and half cast handsome. He knew how to make a girl laugh about nothing maybe it was his charm or the way he made things personal. He made me feel like I was the only girl in his life.

At one point, I truly thought I was.

Getting to know him was liberating and exciting but also terrifying and alarming.

At the time we were living in separate cities, so he called me everyday till early hours of the morning. He told me his deepest darkest secrets, I told him mine. We were so open with each other I felt like I knew everything about him and I did.

So I felt safe. I felt alive. then I fell in love.


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