A poem to the guy I nearly married

You were a dream come true

I still longed to see it through

You never looked me in the eye 

You were scared to show it why?

You always had this guard 

You only made it twice as hard 

You knew life wasn’t fair 

I waited for you to stare

You knew it was there 

But you wouldn’t dare 

It wasn’t easy loving you 

Sometimes it made me cry to

But I would do it again if i had to

Didn’t you know you were my guide?

If only you could confide 

You made me do things id never do before 

You took me places I’d never been before

You made me strive for the better 

Why’d you never reply to my letter

I wasn’t ready to let you go

But you made it soo easy 

Was it too hard to please me?

You were so proud its just a fact

So just quit with the act.

But somewhere along the way 

You werent the guy that use to say

B, I’ll marry you one day.

I didn’t fall for your jokes 

I fell for the you around your folks.

It was incredible 

You arent deniable 

I thought we were capable

But I was never stable

But you let me see

And only “I” got to

Whyd “I” get to 

You went against everything you believed 

Just to see me achieve 

The damage I caused you

I know what youve been upto

I know you would never do what you didn’t have to

Unless you were mad to

Unless you forgot that I had you

But I still remember 

It was in late September 

when you changed my life forever.   


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