Vulnerable people are the strongest


It’s so typical to put up a front and pretend everything is okay. The truth is there’s so much more going on inside and we subconsciously put up walls. These walls are to guard our hearts from sharing deep and personal feelings and also block us from showing any of these with those closest to us. Walls are symbols of our fears and when we let these fears control us, we become afraid. Afraid to live, afraid to act, afraid to be ourselves, afraid to love and afraid to let go. When did it become such a negative thing to expose ourselves in such a way? I’ve seen many struggle with this and I have always struggled to understand it. You see, I am not a guarded person. I am one of those people who wears her heart on her sleeve and still has no regrets. It wasn’t until I met someone who became very close to me, as close as they allowed themselves to be. Then I realised It wasn’t just him. In fact It is common for people to guard themselves by hiding themselves. As much as people refer to vulnerability as a weakness it is a strength. Those who are vulnerable take risks. They  allow themselves to love, to fall, to trust, to believe. Those who are guarded, don’t allow themselves to scratch deeper than the surface. They don’t  let anyone in, they would rather play it safe than risk the chance of getting hurt.

1. Have the courage to free yourself from your fears, while fulfilling your hearts deepest desires.

2. Allow yourself to love freely, to be open with whomever you choose.

3. Be fearless – don’t allow your fears to take over your life!

4. When we are vulnerable we allow ourselves to love even ourselves.


“Vulnerability is a conscious daily choice”.


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  1. This is true. The fact that you shared this is so courageous, and admirable. I know what you’re saying. I used to be like that. I’ll work on what I need to break down those walls. Its a challenge. Thank you for sharing.


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