To be or not to be.

Early this year I went with a friend to a Reconnect Retreat. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be about but I had an idea; Do yoga, eat healthy food and reconnect with nature. Hah! It was so much more than that, I had no idea I’d take away so much wisdom.

I got to spend the weekend with some of the most amazing women from all parts of the country, all ages, all personalities and all circumstances.

Despite how different we all were, we came for the same exact purpose.

To reconnect with ourselves.

On the last night of the retreat, we sat in a circle in a teepee tent and meditated, during this ceremony we drank hot cacao and wrote down four things in our lives holding us back in any way shape or form, and four words that represented our hopes and desires, something to hold on to, then we were told to choose one word that represented all 4 things we wanted to hold on to.

Some of the words were; solitude, serenity, discover, peace and then someone said “to be”.

My eyes opened and I was brought to that present moment. Why did this phrase trigger me, was I just being OCD and thinking, “hey that was two words you cheater”, no it wasn’t that.

These two words awakened something inside of me. My soul had finally found its solution.

I held on to that phrase and wrote it on my heart and I promised myself that I would, “just be”. No more compromising myself to make someone else happy, no more excuses, justifications or ever feeling the need to explain myself to anyone ever again. I was going to be who I wanted to be, I was going to accept the good and the bad and own it. I was going to be me.


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