Diaries of Delhi 

You might ask how in the world I find the time to write while I travel but I do not want to forget the treasures of knowledges I’ve learned while being here. So today my Mum and I woke up at 3am to go fly up to Delhi. We landed in Delhi and had no plans, no tours or no game plan! It was a mess but we were feeling pretty adventurous and go with the flow but yeah that doesn’t really work in India! We had no wifi, we ran out of data so an uber was out of the question. This guy Sanjee approached us as a taxi and we told we are going to Agra and he was up for it, I felt a bit unsure about it so I asked my mum how she felt and if it seemed safe, she didn’t flinch so we went with it. It took us 1.5 hours to get out of Delhi itself. Here there’s no such thing as peak traffic in a city with 22 million people all day is traffic hour , even at midnight. So we went with Sanjee he was Hindu and spoke Hindi and broken English although we did good communicating and then he drove us to a shady parking lot and I began to feel a bit uneasy, there was a group of men that Sanjee got out of the car to speak to in a language we couldn’t understand so that made even more uncomfortable and I started to worry, we switched cars from his commercial taxi to an everyday car which I thought was strange and I thought to myself wow we could be so gone right now not to mention an old, bone skinny man joined us and he said he was his uncle. I did not feel comfortable haha. It was 10 degrees hotter in Delhi then down south and we were loving it at first but after driving through it for 2 hours we were knocked out by the heat, i remember waking up in the car and all my clothes were soaking in sweat. We needed to fill up and we were driving along the motorway and there mustn’t be much rules in India because our drive made a U-turn on the motorway and started driving through and dodging on coming traffic, I saw it on movies but I never thought I’d experience it haha it woke me up for sure. Another funny thing that happen on our long drive is that a monkey ran onto the road on the motorway and crossed haha and just before our turn off our driver popped his tire and when I mean pop I mean 2 long slits right through the tire so we pulled over and he changed it in 2 minutes but at that point I thought we’d never make it to the Taj Mahal haha.

We drove past a lot of homeless people living in shacks and under the bridge just bodies next to bodies, we could here the echoing prayers from the mosques then we finally got to Agra at about 2.30pm leaving, our taxi surprised us with a tour guide who was a good friend of his, his name was Tabtez Khan we got to know him really well and he’s quite the educated young guy, so he took us on a tram where we went to buy our tickets to the Taj Mahal and everything from here happened really fast, we went through a quick security check then we were through the gates and on the garden walk towards the east gate of the Taj Mahal. We entered a gate and then we saw the beautiful building through the door frames man it was truly an incredible sight, we took several photos and even had some professional photos taken, Tabtez did a diploma in photography aswell so he was pretty much a pro and then for some reason the locals or Indian people both men and women wanted selfies with us, it was the strangest thing! I’ve probably taken over 10 photos now with complete strangers haha it started in the airport in Malaysia but only happened in Northern india. One time a whole family group even wanted a photo with us haha. 

After the taj Tabtez took us to a shop where they did this special embroidery art work with stones they had everything and it was all genuine then we went to a leather shop which Agra is famous. It was getting late but before we left we got some butter chicken! I think I’m curried out and now I got the belly, we shared with tabtez and the whole time he talked about how much he needs to get married and how he has been providing for his family since he was 17, he studied law for 5 years and his father passed away when he was 8 due to diabetes and a septisidis infection that took over his body. He kept telling me I was beautiful and that he was going to come visit me in New Zealand and also bring me some sarees haha. He seemed genuine about it. Then we set on our way back to Delhi, I had the best sleep that night and was all travelled out. 

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