Minimalism – Living with less

Yup you heard it here first fam, I’ve decided to join the bandwagon. You might have seen the documentary on the craze but they for sure are on to something. I didn’t even need to watch the doco to realise that I needed to mindfully add the practice to my life.

I’ve seen a pattern with people who have decided to become minimalists and it’s more often than not people who have spent a lot of time chasing cash and high rolling lifestyles, for me it’s not the case at all. 

After serving a mission for my church over 2 years ago now, I have been living somewhat a minimalistic life. It started off for me when I had to pack away my life into a closet in hope that it would still be there when I get back. 

I was an 18 year old girl, I gifted all my ball dresses to younger girls in my church, brand new pairs of vans never worn, and before I knew it I had given away my entire wardrobe and all that was left was a few journals from over the years, letters from old boyfriends and photo albums. 

As a missionary we were allowed 2 suitcases from home to our missions which are usually in foreign countries moving around the country over a space of 18-24months. I use to think this was so little and now I feel like it’s overly generous. 

Living out of a suitcase I came to learn the value of my possessions, I learned how to give away things when they no longer served a purpose, I learned to see the practical use that associates with the word ‘need’ vs a greedy ‘want’. Anyways to cut the story short the way I looked at materialistic possessions changed, it was no longer the things I owned that added value to my life but rather the people and the experiences. I came home and had no wardrobe so as a consequence used my sisters wardrobe until I slowly started to build my fashion from ground zero again. 

Even still I don’t have much but since seeing how other minimalists live it has inspired me to cut down even more of what I own, it’s true that the less you own the more you can focus on the things that truly matter and for me that is my religion, my family, my goals, work and education and the things that fill my heart space like love, food and travel. 

Over the past year I’ve travelled to 4 different countries the year before that I travelled to 7, that I don’t regret but I have spent money on clothes, technology, eating out more than twice a week sometimes and pampering myself out of indulgence. The pampering and the food sure has brought me joy momentarily but it’s true that if you over do it, your appreciation for it starts to die out, owning more has done nothing for me and I have come to realise that owning more and even greater things will not add happiness nor contentment to my life so why do we do it? These quick fixes ain’t fixing anything let’s be honest. What are we really trying to do with our flash cars, clothes and houses? Is it all for show so people can look at us and think wow I want to be them or do we just like? Sometimes we need to ask ourselves what is true happiness. 

Here are some good reasons 

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